QuickeeMe Offers Video Updates in Social Media Setting

Social media developer Patrick Gawrysiak leads the VRG Group of Companies as chief executive officer. Patrick Gawrysiak has overseen a number of social media projects for VRG Systems Group, including this year’s QuickeeMe, a real-time video update service.

QuickeeMe is a free service that allows users to send real-time video updates to whomever they want. This social media tool, which enhances personal expression, furnishes a highly customizable communication experience that combines elements of traditional Instant Messaging (IM) with short video clips. QuickeeMe videos can last up to 30 seconds and may be sent as public, private, or group messages. Users can also create an unlimited number of personal groups, including family, friends, or classmates.

The most unique aspect of QuickeeMe comes in the form of advertising and marketing revenue that is actually shared with its users. QuickeeMe users can contact a representative for sponsorship and more information on receiving ad revenue. Visit http://www.QuickeeMe.com to learn more.

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Overview of MusiCares, By Patrick Gawrysiak

Since its formation, the Grammy-affiliated charity MusiCares has worked to provide resources to professionals throughout the music industry in their times of need. The organization has developed a safety net that is capable of providing support in cases of medical, financial, and personal catastrophe. To accomplish this, MusiCares has developed an extensive network of affiliated medical centers, addiction treatment programs, and other crisis groups.

Additionally, the charity works to direct the resources and attention of the music community toward health and welfare issues such as the Hurricane Sandy relief effort, the war on drugs, and blood drives. MusiCares is partnered with a variety of sponsors and organizations, such as Baldwin Pianos, the Actor’s Fund, the Gibson Foundation, Guitar Center, and Van’s Warped Tour.

About the author: Chief Executive Officer of VRG Systems, Patrick Gawrysiak is a dedicated supporter of MusiCares.

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MusiCares reaches out to Hurricane Sandy victims, By Patrick Gawrysiak

MusiCares, the charitable arm of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS), better known by its popular event the Grammy awards, has offered a helping hand to music people affected by Hurricane Sandy. Within days of the hurricane, MusiCares established the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund to help musicians and others from the industry who are in need of food, shelter, utilities, transportation, and medial assistance. The fund also serves to replace lost or damaged instruments and recording equipment.

Since its inception in 1991, MusiCares has stepped up to support music people in times of crisis, taking a respectful and confidential approach to provide medical, financial, and personal assistance. Specific programs for the music community have included free mammogram clinics in Nashville, benefits to fund drug addiction recovery, and the Teens! Make Music Contest.

About the Author: Patrick Gawrysiak currently serves as CEO of VRG Systems and is the founder of a number of successful technology-based companies. Mr. Gawrysiak, a musician and avid music lover, is also a longtime member of NARAS and a contributor to many MusiCares campaigns.

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Entrepreneurial Mindset

The technology industry has grown exponentially in the last several decades, its primary impetus being entrepreneurship. The innovation, prescience, and proactive mentality of entrepreneurs have consistently pushed the envelope, fostering products and services that continually improve upon earlier renditions.

Bill Gates anticipated the personal computer’s emerging importance at a time when it remained largely undeveloped; his creation of Microsoft Corporation has made him one of the world’s most famous innovators. Despite momentary struggles in finding his company’s niche, Steve Jobs eventually made Apple, Inc., into one of the world’s strongest brands.

It can be easy to look at the successes of these entrepreneurs and discount the role that sheer hard work and rigorous determination play. An entrepreneur focuses not only on employing himself or herself and acting as the business’ proprietor but also on creating a self-sustaining entity. Entrepreneurs create dimension by asking questions about the business’ identity: what it does, why it does it, and why it does it better than the competition.

About the Author: Entrepreneur Patrick Gawrysiak serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the VRG Group of Companies, which specializes in endemic social media and e-commerce platforms.

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