Patrick Gawrysiak | About

Patrick Gawrysiak founded Virtual Retail Group and VGR Systems in 1999. Today, VGR Systems is a $100 million technology company that offers consulting services and sophisticated e-commerce and social media solutions for business. A subject matter expert and cutting-edge technologist, Patrick Gawrysiak currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

In addition to his duties as CEO, Patrick Gawrysiak takes a hands-on approach to the design and development of full-service platforms. In 2010, his innovative Consumer Connect platform allowed retailers and brand managers to communicate directly with buyers and end-users of their products. The DocsU Endemic Social Network designed and launched by Gawrysiak in 2009 connected medical professionals from over 150 medical colleges with hospitals and private practitioners all over the US. Although originally conceived as a tool to handle academic correspondence, DocsU has grown into a top social networking platform for doctors, nurses, practice managers, and other health professionals. Similarly, Gawrysiak’s VetsU network, launched as a social platform for veterinarians and product/brand influencers, has developed into the preferred communications platform for those involved in animal health. Prior successes include the Purina Pet Partners Program and Purina University, which he developed in 2007 and 2006 respectively, and General Motors’ social media branding campaign of 2005-2008.

A long-time member of professional information technology associations, Patrick Gawrysiak has a 20-year affiliation with the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), for whom he has written notable white papers on emerging technologies. As a preferred speaker of the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), he recently conducted a series of seminars on the effects of socialization on brands. A respected member of the Society for Information Management (SIM), an organization of more than 3,500 senior IT professionals, Gawrysiak has served as part of its Advanced Practices Council. In 2004, Patrick Gawrysiak was recognized as a “Technologist of the Year” by TechWorld and was selected as one of the “Most Powerful Men in E-Commerce” by MacWorld.


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