Patrick Gawrysiak-A Brief History of Social Media

As founder and chief executive officer of VRG Group of Companies, Patrick Gawrysiak has established a solid reputation as a pioneer in the fields of technology and social media. Since 1999, Patrick Gawrysiak has utilized a number of platforms such as e-commerce systems, new technologies, and interactive social media to help companies achieve their sales and marketing goals.

Below is a brief overview of the history of social media.

The origins of social media date back to 1969, when CompuServe utilized a dial-up system to become the first Internet service provider in the United States. Over the years, technology experts honed and refined this system to form Prodigy online and America Online (AOL). In 1994, Yahoo entered the marketplace as a prominent Internet search engine, followed by Google in 1998. By the turn of the century, there were 70 million computers linked to the Internet, paving the way for the immense popularity of social media sites such as Friendster, LinkedIn, MySpace, and ultimately Facebook.

Today, it is estimated that approximately one third of the Earth’s population uses the Internet and social media. The medium has now become the preferred manner in which individuals receive and search for their news, and also the manner in which they communicate with people in their local communities and around the world. Among the top social media websites as of 2013 are Facebook, with 1.1 billion users, Twitter, with 500 million users, Google+, with 343 million users, and LinkedIn, with 225 million users.

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