Social Media Use in Business

Social media developer Patrick Gawrysiak currently serves as founder and CEO of VRG Systems, a technology and consulting company specializing in e-commerce. Patrick Gawrysiak helps business clients reap the benefits of using social media to its fullest.

Social media use among businesses has been growing steadily over the past several years due to its ability to find and engage new customers. When used correctly, social media also can drive the growth of revenue.

A recent survey found that almost 80 percent of companies are using or planning to use social media. Of those companies surveyed, 69 percent said their social media strategy is handled by the organization’s marketing team. However, despite the wide use of social media in business, only around 12 percent of companies reported that they were using social media effectively, and 45 percent indicated that they were making progress in this regard.

While most companies recognize the benefits of social media, figuring out how to use it advantageously can be a challenge. At first, it is often best to start small. For starters, conduct a poll of customers to see where they spend most of their time online and then focus social media strategies on the most popular sites. As the customer base grows, a company can expand to other social media platforms. It also can be helpful to consult individuals who have a lot of experience with social media, as they can help streamline a company’s social media efforts.

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