The QuickeeMe App

Patrick Gawrysiak is the current chief executive officer with VRG Group of Companies. In this role, Patrick Gawrysiak has helped develop a number of social media projects, including QuickeeMe.

QuickeeMe is a real-time video update app that can be obtained for the iPhone in the Apple store, and for Android devices through Google Play. Through the QuickeeMe app, users interact with and follow friends, family, celebrities, athletes, and anyone else in the world who uploads videos to the highly customizable platform. The QuickeeMe app is free to use, defining itself as an amalgam of instant messaging technology and video sharing software; by limiting video run times to 30 seconds or less, users can quickly share clips as they are taken, and immediately comment on the videos of other users whom they follow. QuickeeMe allows designation of videos as private or public, and users can create unlimited numbers of private groups for video sharing.

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New Grants from the Elton John AIDS Foundation

Patrick Gawrysiak is a successful technology entrepreneur and developer of social media. In addition to being on the cutting edge of web-based technologies, Patrick Gawrysiak supports a number of charitable causes, including the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF).

Established by Sir Elton John in New York City in 1992 and London in 1993, the EJAF has raised over $300 million to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS worldwide. Today, it is one of the largest nonprofits operating in the field. In its third round of grants for 2013, the EJAF reported new funding in the amount of $4,381,580. Consisting of 21 new grants and 35 renewed grants, the aim is to address critical challenges to combatting the AIDS epidemic in the United States and the Caribbean.

Populations in the grant cycle include gay and bisexual men as well as young people and other demographics prone to the virus. Proceeds from the grants are used to pay for HIV prevention, treatment, legal services, testing, policy making, advocacy, and more. The total amount of giving by the EJAF in 2013 was $7.3 million.

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Musicians Line Up for MusiCares Tribute to Carole King

Technology expert Patrick Gawrysiak is an advisor for a number of online endeavors and the CEO of VRG Systems Group. In addition to using his expertise to develop up-and-coming companies, Patrick Gawrysiak is a supporter of a number of charities, including MusiCares.

A philanthropic group that provides assistance for musicians in need, MusiCares focuses on humanitarian services and the music community. In recent MusiCares news, artists have been added to the Carole King Tribute scheduled for late January 2014, including Alicia Keys, Amy Grant, Jakob Dylan, Pink, Jennifer Nettles, and many more.

MusiCares named Carole King as Person of the Year in recognition of her artistic accomplishments and charity work. Her philanthropic endeavors include supporting environmental organizations as well as a number of political causes. The tribute will feature a cocktail reception and an auction involving celebrity memorabilia. Television personality Jimmy Kimmel will host the event, which will also feature a performance by King herself.

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Services and Solutions of VRG Systems

The CEO of VRG Systems, a platform development and consulting company based in Allendale, New Jersey, Patrick Gawrysiak has helped hone the company’s mission. The goal of VRG, and of Patrick Gawrysiak, is to provide the most forward-thinking technological solutions to businesses in need.

For instance, the Strategies and Planning sector of VRG entails everything from project management to implementation. Areas of special focus include obtaining reliable results from all kinds of IT environments. Furthermore, Platform Development with VRG means a new kind of methodology and solutions that will put clients on the path to success. VRG’s in-house development team uses a client’s budgetary requirements and concept to develop the ultimate platform within a business.

Managed Services describes an entire range of help offered by VRG, including security monitoring, data backup, and remote networking. Any system or application designed by VRG can be managed and serviced by an expert within the company. Finally, one of the most important aspects of technology in the workplace is budgetary planning. VRG’s project managers are always there to help businesses get the most efficient technology for their budget.

Learn more about the services offered by VRG at

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Patrick Gawrysiak-A Brief History of Social Media

As founder and chief executive officer of VRG Group of Companies, Patrick Gawrysiak has established a solid reputation as a pioneer in the fields of technology and social media. Since 1999, Patrick Gawrysiak has utilized a number of platforms such as e-commerce systems, new technologies, and interactive social media to help companies achieve their sales and marketing goals.

Below is a brief overview of the history of social media.

The origins of social media date back to 1969, when CompuServe utilized a dial-up system to become the first Internet service provider in the United States. Over the years, technology experts honed and refined this system to form Prodigy online and America Online (AOL). In 1994, Yahoo entered the marketplace as a prominent Internet search engine, followed by Google in 1998. By the turn of the century, there were 70 million computers linked to the Internet, paving the way for the immense popularity of social media sites such as Friendster, LinkedIn, MySpace, and ultimately Facebook.

Today, it is estimated that approximately one third of the Earth’s population uses the Internet and social media. The medium has now become the preferred manner in which individuals receive and search for their news, and also the manner in which they communicate with people in their local communities and around the world. Among the top social media websites as of 2013 are Facebook, with 1.1 billion users, Twitter, with 500 million users, Google+, with 343 million users, and LinkedIn, with 225 million users.

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Social Media Use in Business

Social media developer Patrick Gawrysiak currently serves as founder and CEO of VRG Systems, a technology and consulting company specializing in e-commerce. Patrick Gawrysiak helps business clients reap the benefits of using social media to its fullest.

Social media use among businesses has been growing steadily over the past several years due to its ability to find and engage new customers. When used correctly, social media also can drive the growth of revenue.

A recent survey found that almost 80 percent of companies are using or planning to use social media. Of those companies surveyed, 69 percent said their social media strategy is handled by the organization’s marketing team. However, despite the wide use of social media in business, only around 12 percent of companies reported that they were using social media effectively, and 45 percent indicated that they were making progress in this regard.

While most companies recognize the benefits of social media, figuring out how to use it advantageously can be a challenge. At first, it is often best to start small. For starters, conduct a poll of customers to see where they spend most of their time online and then focus social media strategies on the most popular sites. As the customer base grows, a company can expand to other social media platforms. It also can be helpful to consult individuals who have a lot of experience with social media, as they can help streamline a company’s social media efforts.

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ReadyScrip – Providing Quality Pharmaceutical Compounding Services

For over 10 years, Patrick Gawrysiak has been leading the technology company VRG Systems. Patrick Gawrysiak has helped develop and begin a variety of technology projects and companies, including ReadyScrip Advanced Pharma.

Specializing in health and wellness programs, ReadyScrip Advanced Pharma serves as a main part of many individuals’ health plans. ReadyScrip provides patients with sports medicine, custom vitamins, and weight loss products using the latest pharmaceutical compounding technologies. As a full-service compounding pharmacy, ReadyScrip offers adult and pediatric specialty medications, same-day service, next-day delivery, and both onsite and offsite consultations and seminars. The company also makes medical directorships, clinical trial participation, and unlimited formulary available to physicians.

Recently, ReadyScrip Advanced Pharma partnered with Malo Clinic in New Jersey to design and operate a state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy. By working closely with specialists at Malo, ReadyScrip will continue the development of various novel compounded medications in an effort to deliver the very best medicines available for all stages of life.

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